Isaac Arvold was born in 1979 and grew up in the woods of Minnesota. The youngest of four in a house his father was building gave Isaac opportunities to work with his hands in an every day changing environment. Growing up outside of Holmes City, which has a population of 33 people. This lead Arvold to use his imagination and seek for anything new and different. Arvold attended college in St. Cloud, MN where he received his BS in Education. In 2001 Arvold moved to Minneapolis, MN where he worked in education. In 2007 Arvold left teaching to keep pursuing his art career.  Still needing to make money he found himself working with various Rap Artists and touring North America for the next several years. The realization that people are people and so many of them live in all these black dots on a map he decide to move to New York City. In 2010 Isaac moved to Brooklyn, since then has worked with galleries in North America and Europe. CV available upon request. 

studio with in studio / winter day with no heat / space heater